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Mud Race Costume

Top 7: Types You’ll Always Find at a Mud Race

Every Mud Race has it's share of characters. After all, you've got to be a little touched in the head to subject yourself to...

Will Your Obstacle Race Be Cancelled?

USA Today has an interesting piece on a growing trend afflicting mud and obstacle course racing : as more and more obstacle course and...
Best Trail Shoes for Women

The Best Trail Running Shoes for Women

Anyone that has tried trail running will tell you that it is a completely different world from your Sunday pound of the pavement. It's...
NIke Flyknit Lunar

Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+

Runners are a loyal bunch when it comes to their shoe brands, often sticking to one make and getting downright cranky when the model...
Optic Nerve Sunglasses

Optic Nerve Omnium PM Running Sunglasses

If you are a chronic loser/destroyer of sunglasses, expensive pairs are just not an option, with sunglasses designed specifically for running even less likely...

The Great Mudder Survey

You've climbed, jumped, run, swam and grappled your way to the orange headband and the beer, and your last obstacle for 2013 was to...
Pull Up

How To Prepare for a Tough Mudder

So your friend from the office has told you how awesome Tough Mudders are, and  since you woke up all badass after re-watching Predator...

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