Armour39 Module and Chest Strap


It seems like every other week another company comes out with a fitness tracker, and while the trend of late has been towards wristbands, Under Armour gets right to the heart of the matter by monitoring performance via a chest strap with the Armour39.

The Armour39 monitors heart rate, calories burned, workout intensity and something called WILLpower (a 0-10 score of whether you gave a workout all you had based on biometric inputs). The module beams all of this information to an Armour39 app that is available on the App Store (iPhone only) so that you can track your progress. It can also store up to 16 hours of workout and biometric data in the event you aren’t near your iDevice.

The chest strap both wicks sweat and ensures accurate data is being transferred to the module via sensing pads.

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