Berlin Walls

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Walls obstacle often comes at a time in a Tough Mudder race when you are at your weakest. Legs and arms a-trembling, this obstacle requires you to scale three consecutive 8-12 foot walls. Though help is usually available in the form of a friendly boost from below or an arm from above, this isn’t a cakewalk.

The best way to approach this (if you want to go it alone) is to get a running start at the driest part of the wall and grab the upper edge while trying to find a bit of a toehold somewhere on the wall. As soon as you can, bring one of your legs up over the wall, and you should be home free.

Remember to help a few people up while you are on top, but as as the guy from Tips 4 Running points out, don’t jump off when you are done. Just like car accidents most often happen when you are close to home, accidents happen when you get too relaxed after a stressful experience…remember that this obstacle is only done once you’ve climbed down the other side.