Electroshock Therapy

Electroshock Therapy

If you do a Tough Mudder, there will be a point where you realize that one obstacle lies between you and a free beer. That obstacle will be Electroshock Therapy.

The good news: this is the last obstacle. The bad news: it’s a doozie. Electroshock Therapy involves running through thin dangling wires that randomly deliver 10 000 volts. More bad news is that the terrain is uneven, often with bumps, small ditches and lots of water and mud.

If you are a Tough Mudder spectator, this is the greatest obstacle going, because that 10 000 volts drops TM participants like rag dolls.

The best strategy for this obstacle is to run through with arms up to protect your head, as a zap to the noggin basically feels like your brain’s hard drive getting erased.