Nike Flyknit Lunar 1+

NIke Flyknit Lunar
NIke Flyknit Lunar

Runners are a loyal bunch when it comes to their shoe brands, often sticking to one make and getting downright cranky when the model that they’ve run in for years gets changed or discontinued.

But sometimes, a running shoe brand does something that merits another look from the unconverted. Enter Nike with their revolutionary Flyknit Lunar 1+ running shoes.

Furthering the trend towards minimalism, The Flyknit Lunar 1+ is feather light and fits like a sock, woven entirely of polyester yarn. The yarn is of varying density: areas that require more flexibility/breathability are less dense, while areas that require support are woven tight.

It’s a new way of making running shoes, and might be worth a look if you are considering running “minimalist style”.

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