Optic Nerve Omnium PM Running Sunglasses

Optic Nerve Sunglasses
Optic Nerve Sunglasses

If you are a chronic loser/destroyer of sunglasses, expensive pairs are just not an option, with sunglasses designed specifically for running even less likely to get a chunk of your hard-earned cash.

While the  world of running sunglasses is rife with pricey options, there are some high quality, running sunglasses out there that will protect your eyes without breaking the bank. Optic Nerve Omnium PM sunglasses fit into this category.

Optic Nerve Omnium PM’s are photochromatic (a fancy word which means the lenses lighten or darken depending on your light conditions), have a minimalist/lightweight design with a gentle yet snug nose bridge (which means they won’t fall off when you start to pick up the pace to pass the pack).

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