Recon Jet Wearable Computing System

Recon Jet Glasses
Recon Jet Glasses

For those tech junkies who think that a bike ride isn’t a bike ride without a heads up display, we’ve got a product for you.

Recon jet is a wearable computer system that monitors and displays temperature, speed, location, heart rate and even your text messages. If this isn’t enough, there are other facets of the Recon Jet that will put you right on par with Tony Stark, including a gaze-sensing display that only activates when you need it, and an optical touch sensor that works in all weather conditions. The Recon Jet also manages the deployment of counter-measures in the event your bike is targeted by heat-seeking missiles. Ok that last part just isn’t true.

Another plus? Recon Instruments is encouraging the software development community to build apps around their technology, meaning that there will be tons of other cool ways to use the Recon Jet that haven’t even been considered yet.

The Jet will be available sometime in 2013. For more information, visit the Recon Instruments website here .