SMART Heart Rate Monitoring Bike Helmet

SMART Heart Rate Helmet

Ever feel like wearing a heart rate monitor is like strapping a Boa Constrictor onto your chest? Sick of being chafed and sore after a long cycle? Comfortable with a world that is just a bit more like minority report (but without those scary spider robots…for now)?

LifeBEAM is bringing its experience developing pilot sensors for the Israeli Air Force to the world of cycling by integrating a heart rate monitor and accelerometer directly into its new SMART helmet. Sensors on the helmet measure biometric and accelerometer data which is then transmitted real-time to your cycling computer, smart watch or smart phone  via Bluetooth/ANT wireless standards, allowing you to view  your heart rate,calories burned, average speed, distance and pace.

And this is all only for starters. Longer term, the company hopes to use it’s technology for crash detection, bicycle location and to further integrate with other popular cycling apps. Also on the roadmap is a heads-up display so your Sunday training can feel just a little more like Top Gun school, without the shirtless volleyball.

But cool your jets Goose, the SMART helmet isn’t available yet. It’s getting its “fund on” at Indiegogo. Check it out here .