Tough Mudder Shorts


As we mentioned in our Tough Mudder Gear guide, Mudder shorts need to be cool, dry quickly and not chafe, but above all be tough and tear-resistant.

We also asked some other Tough Mudders what shorts they would recommend on Google + and got some great answers. A common thread was a consideration that we didn’t make in our initial gear guide: pockets.

Tough Mudder Shorts  don’t need more pockets but less, and if they have pockets it is a big bonus if they are zippered. Open pockets can collect mud, pebbles and whatever else can be swept up on the course. Not the end of the world, but it is a pain to be constantly emptying your pockets like you are in a perpetual TSA lineup when you should be mentally preparing for the Electric Eel.

Both Loren Hudziak  and Paulo Cristini (who ran the World’s Toughest Mudder…kudos) suggest that the best Tough Mudder shorts resemble (or are) the ones used for mountain biking. Loren specifically recommends  Mavic Stratos Mountain Bike Shorts not just for their zippered pockets, but for the fact that they are long enough to protect the knees and are tough as nails.


Mavic Stratos Mountain Bike Shorts

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