Endless Pools

Endless Pools

When you are training for a triathlon, getting in enough pool time can be a challenge. You never know if that narrow window for adult swim between Rubber Duckie and Senior Aquafit will be cancelled due to that floater left by little Jimmy.

While getting a full sized pool at home might be the answer, another possibility for those more space-constrained is an Endless Pool. The idea behind an Endless Pool is to use the resistance offered by a constant current to get a workout while effectively remaining in place. On the downside, this negates the need for that expensive Olympic sized pool + Playboy mansion-style grotto that you’ve made blueprints for, on the upside it offers the ability to train with a constant swim, mirroring the experience of an open water race (though no word yet as to Endless pools’ plans to include lifelike arms and legs striking you throughout your workout).

Endless Pools aren’t cheap, but they may be worth a look if you are looking for a space-efficient triathlon training pool at home. For those who need to count laps to feel grounded, we feel for you. Just keep your eyes open for SS brownie at the local pool.

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