Withings Pulse Smart Activity Tracker


Amongst the relentless onslaught of self measuring tools comes an activity tracker with it’s finger on the pulse, or rather it’s sensor on your pulse.

Withings Pulse Smart Activity Tracker measures steps, distance travelled, calories burned and elevation climbed, but beyond this measures your heartbeat when you press your finger against the back of the device.

Place the module in the sleep wristband and track the quality and duration of your sleep so that you you can adjust habits and finally get sleep that is more regenerative then degenerative.

Unlike most other fitness trackers that have forgone detailed displays, the Pulse has a small touch screen that allows users to scroll through the last few days of activity data. Pulse also syncs wirelessly with your Android or iOS device and displays biometric data in  the Withings Health Mate app so you can peruse your corporeal analyses until you are blue in the face.

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